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PECASUS has been selected to become one of the three global space weather service providers for ICAO

In its 215th Session (29 Oct – 16 Nov, 2018) the Council of International Civil Aviation Organization has designated three global space weather service centers to be operated by the PECASUS consortium, by United States and by the consortium of Australia, Canada, France and Japan. In addition the Council agreed that two regional centers, comprising South Africa and the China/Russian Federation consortium, will be established no later than November 2022.

More (in Finnish):

PECASUS leaflet and factcheets published

PECASUS factsheets and leaflet have been published and are available in our Dissemination website. 

The page contains three files, one two page overall PECASUS leaflet and two editions of the factsheet. First factsheet is one page and the second one is similar including the introductions of all consortium members All files are in PDF-format and you can copy, print and share them freely.